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About BrainBalms

We understand the importance of scientific research to show if something really does work in the brain. Science now confirms that specific medicinal plants clinically improve our memory, sleep, mood and more, safely and without side effects. Active compounds present in these plants enter our bloodstream, via topical application and through inhalation, and from there reach our brain to improve memory and focus, to calm and lower anxiety and to lift and improve mood.

Research shows exactly how these plant bioactives do this - by acting on different brain signals (neurotransmitters and their enzymes and receptors). So memory boosting plants increase our brain's memory signal, acetylcholine. Calming plants boost our brain's main calming signal, GABA. Mood boosting plants act on signals like serotonin and dopamine. And sleep improving plant bioactives act on some of our sleep signals like melatonin and adenosine.

We have harnessed these plant bioactives in BrainBalms. Our pulse-point, face and body treatments are designed to naturally boost calmness, memory, sleep and mood. 

But that's not all. Plants also contain protective agents, compounds that are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. And it's just these last actions that have evidence to show they may also help protect our brain and our memory. The science publication, Frontiers in Ageing Neuroscience recently stated that essential oil extracts of plants should be “developed as multi-potent agents against neurological disorders with better efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness”. 

BrainBalms began in order to share the amazing power of the plants we have on this planet and share some of the amazing scientific research that going on to verify how these plant work.

Brainbalms' was created because of the scientific research carried out by its founder.. Dr Nicolette Perry is a pharmacognosist, specialising in the scientific study of plant medicine and received a BSc (Honours) degree in the Biology of Health and Disease. Her PhD at King’s College London considered the beneficial effects of European sage for Alzheimer’s disease, triggering a move for global research in this field.

Having researched brain bioactive plants for over 20 years, Dr Nicolette Perry has shared nature’s best bioactives with others by creating Brainbalms READ MORE 





“I wanted to develop natural go-to products for myself in order help me be calm, alert and happier, especially in times of need. As a scientist I understand exactly which plant bioactives have neuroscience to show how they work. I’d like to share nature’s greatest brain-bioactive products with others.”

- Dr Nicolette Perry, Pharmacognosist and founder

Scientific research allows us to harness the properties of plants.

We have harnessed these active plant compounds in BrainBalms. Our pulse-point, face and body oils are designed to naturally boost calmness, memory, sleep and mood. We need to start looking at plants from a scientific perspective - as a combination of bioactive chemical ingredients that we can make use of to enhance our life, with the reassurance of controlled clinical science to show safety and efficacy.