Scientifically chosen. Naturally effective.

Feel better, and boost memory, sleep and cognitive function.

We have taken extracts of plants that have scientific research to show they help us, and combined these with skin improving bioactives, creating a unique range of topically-applied mind and skin enhancing products.

Oil Atomiser Collection

Our Oil Atomiser collection includes Happy, Protect, and Calm.

They can rapidly help calm your mind and body, elevate you or help boost your focus and concentration with bioactives, whilst surrounding you in science-based, mind and body protecting, natural extracts.

Scientific research allows us to harness the bioactive properties of brain enhancing plants.

We have harnessed these active molecules in BrainBalms. Our organic pulse-point, face and body treatment oils are designed to naturally boost calmness, memory, sleep and mood. We need to start looking at these plants from a scientific perspective - as a combination of brain-active chemical ingredients that we can make use of to enhance our life.

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Sleep deeper, better, and feel refreshed.

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Stay alert and improve memory function.

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5% of profits will benefit these charities who look after our minds.